Water_Coffee_Room_TourWelcome to my next home tour! My home has always been my office and as my team has slowly grown we have had fun adjusting existing spaces to fit our needs – tea and coffee being one of those very important daily needs! This space has always run the risk of being a walk through dumping ground rather than anything beautiful and genuinely useful. It leads from the kitchen to the back door of the house, houses Cleo the cat’s feeding tray, the water cooler AND our recycling bins. At only 6′ x 6′ it’s fair to say it was always a bit of a shambles!

Since we redecorated our kitchen we haven’t had a space for our coffee machine – the concrete countertops are higher than the old wooden ones meaning our machine doesn’t quite fit under the wall cabinets now. We decided to repurpose this small space as a coffee and tea station and this is the result – tidy, organized and oh so pretty. The wooden side table from Home Depot is the perfect home for the cups, coffee machine, microwave, trash can, tea and coffee. I’ve shared the SVG file and PDF for the tea, coffee and water signage below. In tomorrows post we will share the pattern for the cute fabric water cooler cover, and you can go here for all the labels for the stackable recycling bins. In a future post we will also share the tutorial for the pretty teal tray stencil – isn’t it divine? If you have been inspired by our tea and coffee station redesign, and have your own small space home decor projects you’d like to share with me I’d love to see them. Just tag your pictures using the #liagriffith hashtag – Enjoy! ~ Lia

Coffee_Room_Decor Water_Cover_DIY Coffee_Room_Storage Coffee_Tea_Boxes Coffee_Room_Tea Coffee_Room_Tray Coffee_Room_Art LabelsSVGButtonCoffeePrintableButton