Earlier this week, we showed you how to transform a regular pegboard into DIY home decor that looks great on your wall. Of course, our main reason for having a pegboard is to organize our craft tools, but we also want to make it look beautiful! Today we’re talking about how we used copper wire to create the “imagine” wall art that’s hanging in the center of our pegboard. We chose this word because it inspires us to imagine what we might create next. What word makes you feel more creative or productive?

Imagine What You Can Create!

In general, the thinner the wire, the easier it will be to bend. Our designer May used copper wire to create this “imagine” wall art, but you could also use silver or gold wire. Just browse your local hardware store or look online for the wire you want.

If you haven’t worked with wire before, you’ll want to watch this video. It will show you how to bend the wire into a word with the help of a template and your tools. Just make sure to keep the wire as flat as possible on your table and continue using the template to guide you. If you find yourself getting frustrated while trying to craft an entire word, try creating individual letters instead. Learning how to bend wire can take some practice, so just go slow and keep at it. And don’t forget that this should be fun! 

If you need to practice and want to start small, we’ve included a tiled template for the word “imagine” that’s separated into eight sections. Once you’re ready to create the entire word, you can use our other template, which has the full word.

Want to see what else you can make with copper wire? We’ve used it to make jewelry, home decor, and more! Take a look at our other copper wire projects for more inspiration. 

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Copper wire "imagine" on DIY pegboard with craft toolsClose-up of copper wire word "imagine"