fji12327-1Make All Their Wishes Come True!

The main material you need for the accessories for your DIY fairy costume is felt.  To create some pretty metallic accents for our accessories, we ironed a bit of Cricut’s glitter iron-on vinyl onto some of our felt. And voila — gorgeous gold leaves! 

We also picked up some green satin leaf trim at our local fabric store, similar to this one. Once you gather all your materials, print the PDF template as a guide for cutting your felt pieces. Then, follow the written instructions and step-by-step photo tutorial as you make your DIY fairy costume. 

To add a soft pop of color to our white felt flowers, we used a blush pink art marker to lightly brush some pigment in the center of petals. Any art marker will work, but I particularly like Copic markers and Winsor and Newton markers. Next, we completed the DIY fairy costume with a pair of green fairy wings that we found at our local Dollar Store. There’s no point in DIY-ing something if you can buy it for only a dollar! We spiced up the wings a bit to complement the costume by attaching some satin leaf trim accents. Tie it all together (not literally ;-)) by adding straps to the crochet top with the same satin leaf material. When you are finished with this project, you will see that this is truly an instance where a homemade Halloween costume will be much higher quality than anything store bought! 

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