DIY Witch Costume 

Tips & Tricks

If you are making a DIY witch costume, you of course have to make yourself a pointy witch hat to complete the get-up. Follow our photo tutorial below to craft one up! To make this witch hat, our master seamstress used a combination of felt, stitch witchery (do you think it’s a coincidence that we’re using this to create DIY witch costume?) and heavy black fusible interfacing. You should be able to find each of these materials at your local fabric store. Be sure that you are choosing a wool or wool blend felt – acrylic felt will melt when you try to fuse these materials. You will also need to buy your black felt by the bolt so that your felt pieces are wide enough to form the hat. Once you have your materials, download the printable instructions for the exact measurements for your felt. 

As you can see in the tutorial, the cone part of the hat is made from 1 layer of felt, 1 layer of interfacing with 1 layer of stitch witchery in between. The interfacing is meant to stiffen up the hat and give it a nice sturdy shape. The brim needs to be even sturdier to stay in place, so it is made with a few more layers of material. After putting the hat together, we added some finishing touches to the DIY witch costume. We threaded an orange organza ribbon down the middle of the crochet top and tied a bow. We found a great little witch broom at our local craft store, and then covered it with the same tulle we used to make the tutu. Decorate your witch hat with more tulle and top it off with a black ribbon strap – simple!

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