handmade leather bag tags

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These leather luggage tags are made up of two pieces sewn together with a simple straight stitch. You will also need a bit of glue at the end for just outside the stitching. Our tutorial will walk you through each step, and you can use the template to make as many tags as you’d like!

Once your luggage tags are ready to go, the last step is to slide your labels in. If you are worried about the paper label getting ruined, you could laminate it or place a piece of clear plastic over it. Another option is to use the plastic sheet from an old Cricut mat!

Skill level: Beginner

Crafting tips: Be sure to make the holes in the leather larger before you begin sewing to make it easier to fit the needle and thread through. You can stretch the holes by pushing your needle-nose tweezers (or a larger needle) through each one.

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How to Make Leather Luggage Tags

  1. Gather your tools and materials. Then download the template listed on the right hand side at the top of this post.
  2. Cut out leather according to template using scissors or a cutting machine with a knife blade. 
  3. Thread a needly with all 6 strands. Tie a knot at one end, then thread the needle through the top hole so that the knot is on the rough side of the leather.
  4. Line up the second piece of leather on the first with the smooth side facing out. Thread the needle through the second hole of both pieces of leather.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

handmade leather luggage tags tutorial by Lia Griffith

handmade luggage tags

embroidered leather luggage tag

DIY leather luggage tags

leather luggage tag and crepe paper mokara orchid

crepe paper mokara orchids and DIY leather luggage tags

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