Our newest nursery mobile matches our most recent set of baby projects, the Little Critters Set! We recently shared our Little Critters art print for nursery decor, and this paper mobile would be a perfect piece to accent your bug-themed decor. This mobile was so easy to put together, so it is great for crafters and DIYers of all levels.

To make this paper mobile, we used the Little Critters cut-outs from our baby shower invitations and enlarged the designs. All you will need to craft the mobile are sticks, twine, and metallic text weight paper. We started by collecting some sticks in a forested space close by. In case your natural surroundings aren’t as abundant as Portland’s, or if you want a more uniform look, you should also be able to find sticks at your local craft store. The sticks we used were about 18-20 inches long. To bind the sticks together, you will need some heavy twine. First, tightly bind two sticks together in a cross shape. Then add two more sticks to form an asterisk shape, securing each stick with the same piece of twine. After you have created the base for your nursery mobile, add a loop of twine at the top for hanging the mobile. Now you can add the critters! Print the PDF file if you are cutting by hand or use the SVG file if you are using a cutting machine. We cut our bugs and leaves onto a whole array of Paper-Papers metallic papers, which you can find in the Shop this Project section below. If you are using the PDF version, you can try cutting some of the finer details of the designs with a detail knife. Once your pieces are ready, use thin twine or colored baker’s twine to tie them to the sticks. Use hot glue to attach the leaves to the ends of each stick. We also used hot glue to secure the strings to the stick to minimize the knots on the mobile. Arrange the bugs in any way that you would like. We even glued a couple of bugs to the sticks for some variety.

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This paper mobile is a great opportunity for an afternoon of crafting! Make this to incorporate into your nursery decor, or give it as a gift for a baby shower! To browse other items in our Little Critters Set, be sure to also check out our birth announcements, gift wrap, and matching gift tags. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for daily inspiration and always feel free to send suggestions for projects into! Enjoy ~ Lia & team