Make Your Own Luggage TagsBon Voyage!

Let me start by saying, we absolutely LOVE this project. If you’ve been following our projects recently, you know that we have been making a whole series of swoon worthy leather DIYs. Today we are sharing a template and tutorial to make your own luggage tags out of our new favorite material. Not only are our DIY luggage tags super stylish, but they are wonderfully unique so they are easy to spot at baggage claim. To make them, our designer Jessica came up with a technique for staining words or illustrations into the leather. And it’s probably much easier than you think!


  • Scissors
  • Cutting Machine and Cricut Weeder Tool (optional)
  • Awl
  • Leather Hole Punch
  • Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Metal Ruler
  • Utility Knife or X-Acto
  • Cutting Mat
  • Embroidery Needle


  • Leather (heavyweight)
  • Leather Cording (8″ long)
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Soft Wax (dark)
  • Cricut Vinyl
  • Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above. Print the PDF template at the bottom of the post.
  2. Using a utility knife, cut two pieces of leather according to the template (3×4″).
  3. Use the template to mark the opening on the back of the luggage tag with a pencil.
  4. Poke awl through template to mark placement of holes on both leather pieces.
  5. Use knife to mark placement of top slits.
  6. Remove the template to reveal the guide marks on both tags.
  7. Cut out the slips and flap with the utility knife.
  8. Punch 2mm holes using the leather hole punch.
  9. Cut “bon voyage” text out of vinyl, weed out design and transfer to tag. Blot the surface with wax dye.
  10. Dye the back of the tag and allow to dry for about an hour.
  11. Peel off the vinyl once the stain is dry.
  12. Tie a knot in the floss and thread it through the back of the tag.
  13. Wrap thread around the edge twice, coming up through the second hole.
  14. Stitch around the perimeter of the tag.
  15. See the photo tutorial for an inside view of the stitching.
  16. After stitching all the way around, tie knot and secure with glue between the leather layers.
  17. Slide address card into the tag.
  18. Attach leather cording to the tag with larkshead knot and tie a knot at the end.

Follow the photo tutorial below for visual guidance to make your own luggage tags!


The PDF template includes the measurements for the luggage tags, the “bon voyage” design, plus a printable insert for the tag where you can write your personal info. We also included an SVG file for the text if you have a cutting machine you can use. Feel free to use this vinyl staining technique for any text that you want! We used Annie Sloan’s soft wax, but you can also experiment with acrylic paint or some other type of leather dye. Another option is to stamp your own designs into your DIY luggage tags, like we did with our stamped keychains and stamped coasters. Once you fill out the printable insert, we recommend laminating it for longer lasting use.

What Next?

After you make your own luggage tags, browse through all of our DIY travel accessory tutorials to help you get organized while you travel. Do you have a leather project or travel accessory project idea? Give us your feedback in the comments below to get in on our creative process! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily inspiration in your news feed, or secure your membership to join our growing community of crafters from all over the world. See you there! ~ Lia & Team

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