cotton spun marbled eggs

For those of you who have joined our Member Make workshops, you may have noticed Meagan’s beautifully polished nails. So maybe you won’t be surprised to hear that she’s the one who created these marbled Easter eggs and is also showing us how to do it! With her guidance and tips, we are confident you will nail this project and enjoy the creative process of using polish to color your Easter eggs.

Along with being a great no-waste project, we are using sustainable materials, which means you can keep the eggs you make and bring them out every Easter. Or you might find a way to use them in a different DIY project! We would love to see your marbled Easter eggs, so be sure to share them with us by posting photos to our Facebook page for members or by tagging #MadeWithLia on Instagram.

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Crafting tips:

  1. Use room temp (or slightly warmer) water.
  2. Any nail polish will work, but you might want to stay clear of quick-dry polish…you don’t want it drying too fast!
  3. The amount of nail polish that you add will make your egg darker or lighter.
  4. If you work fast, you can color two eggs in one pour of polish; otherwise you will want to use a skewer to collect the nail polish that has dried in the water between coloring eggs. (Yes, nail polish will dry in the water! In fact, you can dry your nails quicker by putting them in a bowl of ice water.)
  5. DO NOT skip the mod podge step; otherwise you will end up with waterlogged eggs that never dry and might fall apart.

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