While we consider this crepe paper double hellebore an advanced-level project, we feel Member Make is a great space to push yourself and your crafting skills. To the right, you’ll find the list of tools and materials needed for this craft. Once you’ve got everything gathered, then join us for our live workshop on Friday, November 17th, at noon PT. In case you miss the live stream — don’t worry! We’ll post the video here.

Hellebores, or the Christmas rose as they’re often called, bloom in late winter when the world is still wrapped in an icy embrace. Their early blossoms remind us that spring is just around the corner, and the promise of renewal and warmth is on its way!

Our extra-fine aubergine crepe paper provides the perfect canvas for these elegant hellebore flowers. Our tutorial will guide you through crafting the petals and adding color details with Posca paint pens and PanPastel. The result is a stunning, lifelike showpiece. Also, imagine the delight on your guests’ faces as they marvel at these exquisite, handcrafted hellebores, wondering if they’re indeed the real deal!

Check out this video with tips and tricks for creating your own custom DIY double-sided crepe paper using our extra-fine crepe paper.

We’d love to see your masterpiece! Once finished, share your holiday hellebore in our crafters’ community or on Instagram with the hashtag #MemberMake.



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