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We designed these mini paper daisies specifically for Papercraft Inspirations Magazine, and now we are sharing the template here with you all! Gerbera daisies are one of our easier paper flower projects, so this is a great DIY for any paper florist beginners.


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Print the flower template below to cut out your flower pieces.
  3. Use the edge of your scissors to crease the middle of each petal of the 3 large rounds, creating vein lines.
  4. Curl the petals on the 8 smaller rounds.
  5. Glue the 3 large rounds together at their centers, staggering the petals.
  6. Glue the 8 smaller layers together, staggering the petals in the same way. Add the center disk.
  7. Bundle 6 pieces of floral wire and wrap them with floral tape, leaving 1 inch of wire uncovered.
  8. Bend the 6 tips into a spray shape.
  9. Trim the tips down to about a quarter inch.
  10. Glue the green disk around the back of the wires.
  11. Attach the bloom to the floral wires.

Find our photo tutorial for this flower here!


Download the SVG version of the template to use with a cutting machine, or print the PDF if you are cutting by hand. These flowers bloom in tons of different colors in nature, so feel free to play around with color palettes! We found all of our papers at Once you finish crafting your blooms, you can gather them together in a bouquet, or you can create cute displays like we did with our tubes. To bring in some added texture, we love pairing paper flowers with real leaves that you can cut right from your backyard. For a larger version of these paper daisies, find our original template here!

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  • Scissors or Cutting Machine
  • Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun
  • Wire Cutters


  • Text Weight Metallic Papers
  • 20 Gauge Floral Wire (6 for each bloom)
  • Floral Tape