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It is that time of year to start shifting and changing the look of my living room from my summer teals and yellow. I am completely in love with the mix of grey and gold that Target has put together in their new fall collection. With these beautiful home decor pieces in their stores I knew exactly where to shop for my updated fireplace look. Of course my rooms must have DIY in the mix so for this update I chose two projects. My first DIY project is a new mantel cover to add the modern and rustic touch I love. You can see the before in last year’s fall look. I started this project with a trip to my local ReBuild Center to find two very long pieces of white washed siding. With a little help from my carpenter friend (I plan to learn to use power tools someday) we designed and made this beautiful mantel in just a few hours. The great thing about it is that it can easily be removed when I am ready for a different style. My second DIY was to do a refresh on the large art piece that covers my television. This is something that I made last fall for my “splash of plum” update. I wasn’t ready to paint over the purple painting so instead I carefully covered it with a painter’s canvas. I then made three stripes with an acrylic black paint, watered down to paint watercolor grey and finished the look by adding a row of gold foil squares. Instant art and the perfect backdrop for my next step of styling with my Target finds!

The focal piece for my new mantel is the Target wooden bowl and white and gold pears and apples. These are items I will be using for years to come. I finished the mantel with two pieces of decorative pottery, the small gold polka dot vase and a white and gold bowl. The last thing to tie the mantel together is a wood twig. Mantel done!

For the hearth my main focal is this grey chevron pouf. Another favorite from this Target collection! I finished the hearth to look cozy and inviting with a gold graphic pillow, fabric basket to hold my match boxed, a basket to hold the grey polka dot blanket and a large gold polka dot vase. Now it is ready for those cozy fall weekends! Stay tuned for the rest of my updated living room look. Cheers! ~ Lia

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Home Decor for modern luxury made easy.