Lias_Top_10_metallic_paper_flowersFrom my view there are four kinds of paper flowers. We have the crepe paper flower which I think is the most common and a lot of gorgeous designs and patters out there. These are the easiest to make as the crepe folds can form a cupped petal shape as on these crepe paper peonies. Then there is the tissue paper flower which is less common, but for certain flowers can be the best paper choice. You can see this in how the tissue paper petals are so realistic with these paper poppies. Then there are the card stock paper flowers. I will rarely use a card stock as it does not give me a soft fluid petal like a prefer, but card stock is perfect for flowers and plants that have less of a curl like succulents. The final is the group which consists of any kind of thin paper like a printer paper, text weight colored paper, book pages or gift wrap, and my favorite. . . metallic paper. This type of paper flower is where I find myself going when I want to design a gorgeous sculpted bloom that can look so realistic.

I have been designing paper flowers for around five years now and I have more than a few favorites! Today I wanted to share a round-up of my top 10 metallic paper flowers. This is a collection of both your favorites – those that have been most popular with my lovely readers, and a few of my personal faves thrown in for good measure. Stay tuned for brand new fall and holiday paper flowers coming up. I have a gorgeous sunflower and a stunning amaryllis plant ready to share.

TOP 10: Phalaenopsis Orchid | Plum Peony | Apple Blossoms | Gardenia | Rose | Hydrangea | Plum Dahlia | Large Dahlia | Paper Whites | Camellia

Many of these paper flowers would work well in a bouquet and I would urge you, if you are a fan to paper craft, to make a few and try them together! In each post I list my materials but it is absolutely possible to use any text weight paper to make my flower designs. Maybe think about using patterned papers, gift wrap, book pages or these metallic papers to add your own stamp to one of my designs. And if you do, please share your pictures with me as I love to see my designs out there in the world! Simple tag your pictures with the @liagriffith or hashtag across Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and I will always share my favorites! Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper Orchid Gift TopperPlum_Peonies_Paper_DIYDIY_Apple_Blossoms_PaperPaper Gardenia Cake TopperPaper Rose Gift TopperColorful Fall wreath @LiaGriffith.comPurple Paper DahliasPaper Dahlia as personalized gift toppersPaperwhites flowersPaperCamelliaGarlandTN