Top 10 Washi Tape Craft ProjectsThis last year I have been growing my collection of washi tape as a work on new projects and as they are gifted to me. I am up to 77 rolls now. Maybe that is a little obsessive. . . I will not lie. Washi tape has a Japanese origin and in its true form is a paper tape made for paper crafting. Because of this, it is not super sticky and can easily be removed. The pretty patterns keep our attentions and my goal is to find as many washi tape projects to put this fun obsession to use. Here are my top 10 projects and the links to their tutorials.
1. Gift Wrap (this is a sneak peek on an upcoming article in Made in Paper magazine).  |  2. Monogram Art  |  3. Heart Boxes  |  4. Shadow Box Art  |  5. Mini Bunting  |  6. Party Flags  |  7. Washi  Pencils  |  8. Washi Notebooks  |  9. Clipboards  |  10. 3D Letters

Here is my complete 77 roll washi tape collection. It came from many places. If you live in or visit Portland, make sure to visit Collage for their wonderful selection. If you buy online, Cute Tape is my favorite choice. What is your favorite place to buy washi tape? What are your favorite projects that you have made? Do share! ~ Lia

Washi Tape Rolls