It’s time for a new set of candy huggers! This month’s craft collection theme is focused on all things fairytale and folklore. Along with her papercut castle and felt griffin, Krista has designed some cute mythological creature candy huggers for us. These would be so fun to make for a fantasy-themed birthday party for kids or just as a fun treat to stick inside lunches.

This is a simple craft project, made even easier with a cutting machine and our SVG cut file. Or you can always cut the designs by hand using a detail craft knife.

papercut candy huggers mythological creatures

Fantastic Beasts (and How to Craft Them)

Our mythological creature candy huggers include a dragon, unicorn, cerberus, and a chimera. We have linked the paper we used for this craft project below, but of course you can use whatever colors you prefer! You can also use text weight paper instead of cardstock if you like.

Skill level: Beginner

Crafting tip: We recommend using a cutting machine due to the intricate design of our mythological creature candy huggers. Also, because these are layered designs, you’ll want to use a glue dot roller or glue stick to assemble them.

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Download our  SVG cut file if using a cutting machine or our PDF template if cutting by hand. Once you’ve cut out your candy huggers, use glue to assemble the layered designs as shown.

papercut cerberus papercut unicorn and dragon papercut mythological creature candy huggers mythological creature candy huggers

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