Paper Christmas TreeSponsoredBy_OrchardSupply

We started our paper Christmas tree by building the base. For this we used 1/2-inch aluminum tubing. At this step you can personalize your tree to the size that you want. Ours is about 6 feet tall, and you can see in the downloadable instructions below that we cut three aluminum rings (using a tube cutter) at increasingly larger sizes to form the cone shape. We attached the aluminum rings with cotton clothesline and fastened an LED clamp light at the top. 

After building the base of the paper Christmas tree, you can move onto cutting the paper leaves. Use a roll of builders paper, also known as kraft paper in the world of DIY. The roll is 35 inches high, and we cut rectangles that were 22 inches wide. We then cut this rectangle corner-to-corner to make two triangles. From here cut strips between 1.5 and 2 inches wide (without cutting all the way through!) to create the fringed look. It really is easy! Start gluing your paper pieces to the clothesline and you will start seeing your paper Christmas tree come to life. 

The last finishing touches include punching holes into the paper strips and wrapping string lights around the clothesline. The lights will start shining through the punched holes in a beautiful way! Find the full tutorial in the download below, and be sure to check out our copper Christmas tree for another gorgeous unconventional tree idea. Come back tomorrow to see our macrame and poplar wood tree, and browse all of our Christmas DIY projects here. Take a look at our membership options to start crafting other projects on the site, and share your unconventional Christmas tree projects with us on Instagram using #DIYDreamingWithLia and #MyOSHProject. Always feel free to write in with project suggestions for us – we love getting you in on the creative process! See you soon ~ Lia and the Team

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