We first released our line of extra fine crepe paper in August, and have since created tons of new projects that are perfect for the lighter material, especially our crepe peonies and Juliet roses. Because we designed our first line of crepe paper specifically for paper flower making, our color palette was inspired by the beautiful greens and pinks that you see in nature. There are certain flowers, however, that are best made with heavier paper. After spending our summer crafting with the delicate extra fine paper, it was time to transition to something that could capture the density of the colder months. With this in mind, we are now introducing a new line of floristic crepe paper to expand your crafting possibilities and continue our #CrepePaperRevival! 

The heavier crepe can really bring any flowers with larger or stiffer petals to life. Things like magnolias, calla lilies and hibiscus to name a few. And of course you don’t have to limit your crafting to paper blooms. The heavier crepe is also wonderful for creating hardy leaves that can mimic the real thing or mirroring woody textures that we see in the winter months. We are first venturing into the world of floristic crepe paper with a color palette inspired by the holiday season. While we went with softer shades for our extra fine papers, we wanted to create a tonal richness and bold statement for winter with our floristic colors. The floristic line includes 10 new colors, featuring three shades of gorgeous reds and a new selection of winter greens. Because we love metallic decor for the holidays, we also made sure to include a heavy gold and silver in the mix. Crisp and creamy whites are always a must, as they can be incorporated into any decor style or palette.

We are offering the floristic crepe paper as a 10 pack, so let the colors inspire you as you work through the selection! The pack combines our heavy papers in Snowflake, Egg Nog, Peppermint, Holly Berry, Bordeaux, Spearmint, Pistachio, Pine, Gold Satin and Silver Bells. Just like our extra fine line, we will be providing plenty of guidance and suggestions for the creations that you can craft with this range! Our mission will always be to make handcrafting as accessible as possible so that you can approach your projects with confidence. As we rounded up all of our favorite Christmas tree decor and came up with our list of DIY ornament ideas, we were excited to be able to add crepe textures into our branches. You can look forward to crepe pomegranate ornaments, magnolia blooms with a holiday twist, gorgeous poinsettia gift toppers and potted plants, new crepe door wreath ideas, plus stunning centerpiece arrangements!

All of these projects provide an opportunity for exquisite handcrafting that you can share with your loved ones and keep for years to come. Browse our floristic crepe paper DIYs as we add new projects every week, or head to our shop to see all of our specialty papers for the holidays. We love getting you in on the creative process, so always feel free to write in with project suggestions that you would like to see on the site, or look over our membership options to start crafting with us. Thank you to all that made this possible – we hope you enjoy the new floristic crepe paper!! ~ Lia and the Team 


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