To celebrate the launch of our new line of floristic crepe paper, we are giving one of our favorite flowers a bit of a holiday upgrade. We decided to use our crepe paper magnolia blooms as a beautiful floral accent to our Christmas tree décor this year. For our last crepe paper magnolia, we used our extra fine crepe paper in Linen and Vanilla. Because the extra fine paper is so thin, we ended up having to fuse two sheets together to make the paper stiff enough for the petals. Extra fine crepe is gorgeous for paper flowers with lots of details and smaller petals, but heavier crepe paper is much better suited for bringing extra large petals to life.

This is what inspired us to make a collection of heavy crepe papers. We want to continue bringing you the best papers for accomplishing any crafting you want to tackle! Now that we have our heavy crepe paper selection, we were excited to test it out with our magnolias. We have Christmas on the mind, and you can never go wrong with a warm metallic color scheme for the holidays. The petals and leaves are made from Snowflake and Gold Satin heavy crepe paper from the Winter Garden Collection, and we added the centers using Extra Fine Gold

Glittery Gold Blooms

Once you have the paper ready for crafting your crepe paper magnolia blooms, print the PDF template and follow the photo tutorial from this post. To add the gold glitter on the petals, you will need Mod Podge glue and a paintbrush. Paint the Mod Podge wherever you want to add glitter and let it dry completely. Then, dust off the excess glitter. We recommend doing this over a newspaper for easy cleanup!



crepe paper magnolia blooms in Christmas tree
crepe paper magnolia blooms in white vase with lit-up tree in background
crepe paper magnolia blooms on Christmas tree with macramé ornaments and lights

Once you’re done, you can start decorating. These crepe paper magnolia blooms are beautiful for displaying in a vase. Or you can style them into the branches of your Christmas tree just like we did. We would love to see what you do with these flowers, so don’t forget to post your pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia.

For more holiday flowers, be sure to take a look at our crepe paper amaryllis, which you can make using the exact crepe paper colors as our magnolia. Stay tuned for more floristic crepe projects, including gorgeous crepe paper poinsettias to go with our cocktail napkin poinsettias. Browse the shop to see all of our papers, or head to our membership page to get in on the fun. Cheers! ~ Lia and teamSave