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More stunning pieces from our Pacific Coast bouquet for Cricut! These Icelandic crepe paper poppies and poppy pods have an extra special painterly quality to them. Exuding an air of such artfulness, you will be surprised to find how simple they are to create. As with our other flowers in this bouquet, we used the all-new Cricut Maker. Save yourself extra time and effort in crafting and invest in this machine today! Just $399.99, available now! More Pacific Coastline crafting still to come…

Tools & Materials for Poppies

Steps for Poppies

  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut the paper according to the pattern notes using scissors or the Cricut Maker. Do not fringe the light green crepe pieces yet.
  3. Spray the petals with water. Wet them completely then pat them with a paper towel to soak up any extra moisture.
  4. Color the inside of the poppy center with the yellow marker and the edges with the green.
  5. Color along one of the long edges of the light green crepe with the yellow marker. Repeat with the other piece.
  6. Fringe both pieces of the light green crepe.
  7. Twist each fringe using your fingers.
  8. Stretch the green square over the foam ball and glue it into place so the entire ball is covered.
  9. Glue the wire into the bottom of the foam ball.
  10. Curl the edges of the poppy center using the edge of the scissors.
  11. Glue the poppy center into the top center of the foam ball.
  12. Take the fringed pieces and wrap them around the lower half of the foam ball, glue them into place as you wrap.
  13. Stretch the center of the petals using your fingers.
  14. Cup one petal around the flowers center and around the wire, then wrap it with floral tape around the wire to hold the petal in place.
  15. Repeat step 14 with two more petals, spacing the three petals evenly around the flower’s center.
  16. Repeat steps 14 – 15 with the three remaining petals, spacing them evenly around the flower.

Tools & Materials for Poppy Pods

Steps for Poppy Pods

  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut out the paper according to the pattern notes using scissors or the Cricut Maker.
  3. Use the marker to color the inside of the poppy pod center.
  4. Glue the wire into the foam ball.
  5. Glue four pieces of the crepe paper onto the foam ball to cover it completely.
  6. Wrap the base of the poppy pod and the wire with floral tape.
  7. Curl the center of the poppy pod using the edge of the scissors.
  8. Glue the center piece onto the top of the poppy pod.


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