Air plants are super low maintenance. But if you want zero-maintenance plants, we suggest making your own out of paper! They look just as good as the real thing—and you don’t have to do anything to keep them that way. Since we just came out with a new frosted paper air plants kit, we thought we’d show you how to make a paper air plant vase.

Our template at the end of this post includes the pattern for the vase as well as a paper air plant. Or you can choose another design from our site, like our vellum paper air plants, for example.

Fly High with this DIY

Air plants are a simple way to spruce up any room in your home. And a vase just makes it feel a bit more decorative. Since we love metallic accents, we chose copper for our air plant vase. Copper is a great color because it complements many different home decor styles. But, of course, you can use whatever color of paper you prefer for your air plant decor.

To see how we styled our paper air plant vase, just check out our pictures below. If you want another idea for a way to display your air plants, check out the copper plant hangers that we designed. Or there’s also our macrame wall hanging.

When you’re ready to make your paper air plant vase, just follow the instructions below. This is an easy-peasy project that can be done in less than 30 minutes. But if you have any questions, just let us know!

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How to Make a Paper Air Plant Vase

  1. Gather tools and materials, and cut pattern according to the template.
  2. To make the vase, fold along the score lines; then run adhesive down the tabs. Adhere to back of vase.
  3. To make the air plants, use a curling tool or the edge of scissors to curl the tops of both pieces outward. Stack one piece directly on top of the other; then begin to roll into shape, keeping the curls pointing out. Use hot glue or an adhesive runner to secure.
  4. Set air plant inside vase, and enjoy!

paper air plant vase in frame and paper air plant vase on hand decor paper air plant vases paper air plant vase in frame next to framed art, open book with pen, vases, and hand decor

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