These frosted paper honeycomb pumpkins are a member request! Similar to our frosted paper apples and pears, which you can also make for fall, these paper pumpkins are an easy craft project.

As with all of our honeycomb crafts, we recommend using a cutting machine for more precise cutting and scoring. But you can also cut and score these by hand using our printable template.

frosted paper honeycomb pumpkins

Score some cute pumpkins

The one thing about real pumpkins is that you can only keep them for so long before they need to be tossed or composted. So we love making our own out of paper or felt. This way, they can stay out as long as you want and be re-used next year. 

You can style these frosted paper honeycomb pumpkins on your mantel with our paper fall leaf branch. Or they would also make really pretty table decor. All you need are a few simple craft tools and some frosted textweight paper to get started. Plus we have a video tutorial below that you can follow!

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Because our frosted paper honeycomb pumpkins are constructed in the same way as our honeycomb apples and pears, you can follow the steps in this video tutorial to craft them.

frosted paper honeycomb pumpkins and fall leaf branch decor
handmade frosted paper honeycomb pumpkins

DIY frosted paper honeycomb pumpkins

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