We love to craft plants out of paper because they don’t require any maintenance. You don’t need to worry about how much sunlight they get or how much to water them. And they can last forever! A paper oxalis plant will always be in season, as long as you want it to be.

Another good reason to make a paper oxalis plant is because the real version is toxic to cats and dogs. That’s a big reason why we’ve created certain plants and flowers like the crocus, tiger lily, and ivy topiary out of paper. This way, you can enjoy them in your home and keep your pets safe!

When you’re ready to craft this paper oxalis plant, you’ll need the tools and materials listed here as well as our pattern at the end of this post. We recommend using a cutting machine for this project. But if you’re cutting this plant by hand, you can download our PDF template below.

How to Make a Paper Oxalis Plant

  1. Gather the craft tools and materials listed above. Then download the pattern at the end of this post.
  2. Cut out and score your paper pieces according to the template, using a cutting machine or craft knife.
  3. Color three of the oxalis leaves with a black art marker along the edges, leaving a “V” shape in the middle uncolored.
  4. Cut your 24-gauge floral wire in half. Apply Mod Podge with a paintbrush to an uncolored leaf piece. Place floral wire in the middle of the leaf and layer a colored leaf on top. Let the leaves dry.

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Photo tutorial for paper oxalis triangularis plant by Lia Griffith

paper oxalis plant in white pot next to empty vases and purple ribbon against a grey and white polka-dot backgroundpaper oxalis plant in white pot next to empty vases and purple ribbon against a red wallpaper oxalis plant with small white flowers against grey and white polka-dot background

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