The beginning of February means the beginning of crocus season! It’s always such a lovely sight to see these bright, little blooms popping up. But because they’re too small to cut, we decided to create a crepe paper version that could be enjoyed indoors. To bring these crepe paper crocus flowers to life, we combined our extra fine and heavy crepe along with art markers and a colored pencil.

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Crepe Paper Crocus

Winter Flowers With Cheerful Powers

These fabulous little blossoms are real fighters when it comes to blooming. They can even pop up through the snow to provide a colorful hello to the warmer weather that’s ahead. For this reason, these flowers often represent cheerfulness, as they are the first sign that spring is coming.

So why not bring that cheerfulness inside by making your own crepe paper crocus flowers? Everything you need to get started is listed below.

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How to Make Crepe Paper Crocus Flowers

  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above. Then download our flower pattern below.
  2. Use a saffron-colored marker to color the square for the stamens.
  3. Twist each fringe piece of the stamens; roll at the top and glue around your floral wire.
  4. Lightly brush the wide end of your purple marker onto the petals, brushing in the same direction as the grain. Use the thin end of the marker to draw lines. Gently stretch the centers of each petal to make them more cup-like.

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If you are new to crafting with crepe paper, we recommend referencing our Crepe Paper 101 video to learn the proper techniques for cutting and stretching the material. The most important thing to remember is to cut with the grain of the crepe.

After cutting the white petals, use a marker to color in some purple detailing. We used a light purple marker. Brush the marker lightly against one side of the crepe, then use the thinner tip to create the bolder lines. You will only need to color one side of the paper because it bleeds through nicely. Crocuses have three saffron colored stamens, which we created by coloring the white crepe with an art marker in yellow.

After making your crepe paper crocus bouquet, you can fill it out with more leaves by attaching individual blades to short pieces of floral wire. Finish these off by wrapping green floral tape down the stem.

Run With It!

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Step by step photo tutorial of crepe paper crocus flowers by Lia Griffith

Crepe Paper Crocus Flowerstop-down view of crepe paper crocus flowers on stump crepe paper crocus crepe paper crocus flowers