Carrot Cup Cozies

Adding a DIY Carrot Stem

After cutting out the carrot cup cozies, use a hot glue gun or double-stick tape to attach them around your cups. You can use these as regular drinking cups for kids or add a cute DIY stem and turn them into crayon cups! Start by gathering a straw and some green yarn to make the stem. Cut 4-inch long strips of yarn and tie them in knots down the straw. We knotted 3-4 strands at a time to make the greens a bit more bunched. For an extra touch, taper the greens as you go down the stem.

DIY Easter Inspiration

If you are setting these out as carrot crayon cups, find our collection of printable Easter coloring pages that your kids can work on while you enjoy your Easter brunch. Watch my appearance on The Today Show, where I shared my designs for a kid’s Easter table and an adult Easter brunch table! Browse through our DIY Easter projects for more inspiration, or tell us in the comments below what Easter projects you are currently working on! Share your DIY Easter project photos using #MadeWithLia, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for daily doses of creative inspiration. Happy Easter ~ Lia & Team