Carrot Treat Cones

If you are using the SVG, cut the design onto orange cardstock or text weight paper. We used cardstock because it had a nice canvas-y texture that could resemble real carrots. In the PDF version the carrot is already colored in with orange, so print onto white cardstock. You will also need to use a small hole punch to create the two holes at the top of the carrot. After you cut out the carrots, crease the sides generously so that the tabs will line up nicely with each other. We usually use a glue dot roller to assemble our treat boxes, but this time we used a hot glue gun for a stronger hold on the cardstock. Double sided tape is also a nice quick option.

Start by adhering the sides of the cone together, then the two tabs at the top without holes. We then made a little tassel out of light green yarn as the carrot top. No need to use high quality yarn for this part, you should be able to find some basic skeins at your local craft store. Find our free tassel tutorial here

Once you finish assembling, you can fill them with colorful jelly beans or popcorn. Hand these out to your favorite little ones on Easter, or incorporate them into your kids’ Easter baskets. Start by making a DIY Easter basket out of an upcycled grocery basket, then add some shredded strips of crepe in Green Tea as grass. Fill the basket with painted wooden eggs, a pom pom Easter bunny and any other goodies you had in mind. You can also pair the carrot treat cartons with our bunny treat boxes for a cute variety. Browse all of our Easter projects, or head to our membership page to start downloading. 

Watch Me on the Today Show!

You can watch this fun clip of me appearing on the Today Show to share my designs for a botanical Easter brunch table and a kid’s Easter table. ~ Lia & Team

Papercut Carrots Carrot Treat Cartons DIY Popcorn Cone Easter Basket for Kids



Cardstock Paper – Orange Pack

Yarn – Green