DIY Pom Pom Bunny

Crafting your Pom Pom Easter Bunny

We used 3 sizes of pom poms to create our cute pom pom bunny for Easter. If you only happen to have one large pom pom maker, you can easily trim the pom poms down to size. The largest pom pom will be the body, then make a slightly smaller pom for the head. Finish it off with a cute little pom tail. Pom poms are great kid’s crafts because they are safe to make and you can use them for so many different projects. If you are new to making yarn poms, you can follow our easy photo tutorial here.

Once you make your poms, attach them together with a hot glue gun. Cut your felt pieces according to the PDF template below, and attach all the facial details. When adding the black beads, you can trim away the yarn a bit around the eyes to make them stand out more. That’s it! You can use this adorable pom pom bunny to include in your kid’s Easter baskets, incorporate into your table setting or use it for some cute holiday decor.

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