Our papercut rainbow lanterns have so many sweet details. From the rainbow handle to the puffy clouds to the small stars scattered across the top! 

If you are using a cutting machine, this project will be very easy to craft because it will make all of the tiny, intricate cuts for you! However you can always cut these lanterns by hand using our PDF template.

papercut rainbow lanterns

Brighten your day

There is something so cheerful about rainbows. Seeing one feels a little magical, and we think little ones will love having these papercut rainbow lanterns in their room. Not only does it make cute kid’s decor, but it could also act like a little night light if you add an LED tea light inside.

Ready to start crafting? We have included two sizes of lanterns for you in our downloads, and you can see them side-by-side for comparison in our photos below.

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  1. Cut lantern from frosted paper, and interior windows from vellum. Print the rainbow handle on white cardstock, and cut out with scissors.
  2. Fold lantern along score lines (check out our photos to see what direction to fold the top pieces). To make the larger lantern, add adhesive (either a dot roller or hot glue) along one long tab to connect the two panels together. Then fold the panels together and add adhesive along the second long tab to secure closed. Add adhesive to tabs at top and pinch closed.
  3. You can add mini brads to connect rainbow handle to top, or simply glue in place as shown.

handmade rainbow lantern papercut rainbow lanterns and felt unicornsDIY papercut rainbow lanterns and felt unicorns

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