Split Leaf Philodendron


Begin by downloading the leaf template below. There is an SVG available for those with cutting machines, or a PDF if you are cutting by hand. Cutting the leaves by hand will take more time, but the result is worth it for this precious potted cutie! Once you cut your leaves (find links for the papers we used in the Shop this Project section below), fold them in half to create a crease down the middle vein of each leaf. Next, wrap and glue the stem of each leaf around a piece of floral wire. We attached the floral wire starting about an inch above the base of the leaf (where the bottom of the leaf meets the stem). Unlike our potted paper fern, you do not want the floral wire to run the entire length of the leaf because split leaf philodendron leaves naturally hang downward. After you have secured the floral wire to the leaves, wrap floral tape around the each piece of wire, starting at the base of the leaf. Now that your leaves are ready, you can prepare the pot. Leave the terra cotta as is, or feel free to customize it using acrylic paints! Place your foam ball into your pot and then cover the ball with fake moss. Stick the pieces of floral wire into the ball, and your split leaf philodendron is ready for incorporating into your decor! Arrange the leaves in any way that you would like, or at any height. 

Potted paper plants are a beautiful last minute gift item for any upcoming birthdays, holidays, or housewarming parties. Browse our entire selection by checking out our potted paper fern, potted snake plant, and our whimsical little house plant. Our potted crepe paper cactus is also wonderful for summer party decor! Stay tuned for a full leaf philodendron coming soon, and of course feel free to send more suggestions into hello@liagriffith.com. Lots of love! ~ Lia

Split Leaf Philodendron Split Leaf Philodendron Split Leaf Philodendron

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