If you’re already starting to prepare for back to school, we’ve got a fun and simple DIY idea for you today! These printable notebook paper notecards are perfect for both teachers and students to use. If you’re a teacher, you can print this notecard as a motivational message for each student in your class. And if you’re a student, you can print it as a positive reminder for your teacher to see each day. What a great way to start off the school year, right?

We designed these notecards to look just like notebook paper. And all you have to do is add your name before printing your note out. If you’re a student, you could also attach it to a handmade gift, like these cute paper apples.

Start Your School Year on the Right Note

“Today I will create something beautiful” is my original quote. I personally find it inspirational, and I think it is a great reminder for both students and teachers! You can also fold this notecard and write your own personalized message on the inside of the card.

Along with these printable notebook paper notecards, you can start on some other crafts now for back to school. For example, keychains are a great summer project. Your kiddos can craft these sweet keychains out of paper. Or, they can make these cherry pom-pom keychains.

Another fun craft that can be used for summer and back to school is our woodland animal bookmarks. We also have a lot of cute school supplies you can start making!

When you’re ready to use these printable notebook paper notecards, just follow the instructions below. And if you have any project requests for back to school, let us know! ~ Lia and team

Printing & Editing Instructions

Download the PDF (at the end of this post) and the free font Sagona DEMO.  Edit your PDF, save, then print on white cardstock.  Simply cut in the center — the finished piece will fold to an A2 size notecard (4.25″x5.5″).

You can also stick your notecard in an envelope. We used a Kraft paper brown A2 envelope.

printable notebook paper notecards for teachers to give to students "Today I will create something beautiful" printable notecard printable notecard with notebook paper design for back to school

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