World_Label_Valentines_Day_PrintablesTo finish our Valentine’s Day lineup, we are excited to share a set of pretty printables that are perfect for the grown-ups in your life. This set of polka dot kraft and blush watercolor labels give a variety of fun messages that are perfect for your friends, your favorite co-workers and even the love in your life. The sets include labels for chocolate bars, coffee cups and a variety of stickers that can be added to a candy bag or a bakery treat. . . all you need to warm some hearts next week. Thank you World Label for hosting these lovely printables. You can download the whole set by using the button at the end of the post. This will pop you over to the World Label blog where he offers these fun freebies. The PDF is ready for you to print onto a full sheet label paper, trim and add to your favorite Valentine’s Day treat. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Printable_Coffee_Sleeves_Valentines_Day Printable_Candy_Bar_Labels Printable_Treat_Bag_Labels LabelButton