1. XOXO Donut Garland

    This adorably sweet Valentine’s Day garland is a super cute addition to any classroom decor for the occasion. It is easy to throw together in less than an hour, and you can leave it up in your classroom even after February 14th. All you need is cardstock and some twine! Donut valentines garland

  2. Stuck on You Love Notes

    Valentine’s Day is always an opportunity for a cute pun, and if you want to bring some word play into your classroom, these Stuck on You love notes are an irresistible way to do it. Pair it with our mini crepe cacti and sprinkle them around the room as sweet surprises. Valentine's Day cards blue and pink

  3. Stuffed Felt Hearts

    Hearts are the universal symbol for Valentine’s Day, and you can easily incorporate the simple design into your classroom Valentine’s Day party decor with stuffed felt hearts. Hand stitch them with extra embroidery floss to turn them into ornaments, or gather them in baskets to create adorable displays. DIY Felt Hearts

  4. Paper Airplane Garland

    Paper airplanes can bring quite the nostalgia for childhood, and stringing them together into a garland has almost a vintage feel to it. Make one long paper airplane garland, or make a bunch of smaller ones to decorate different areas of the room!

  5. Succulent Heart Wall Hanging

    If you want a pretty piece of DIY wall art that you can hang in your classroom, our succulent heart wall art is a beautiful option. This project could also be a fun activity to get your students in on! Each student can craft his or her own paper succulent to contribute to the art piece. Paper Succulents

  6. Paper Heart Garland

    For those who are dexterous with a sewing machine, whipping up a 3D paper heart garland is too easy. Mix in different shades of pinks, reds and golds for a simple classroom decor project that will get your students into the Valentine’s Day spirit. Valentine's Day Garland

  7. Paper Love Birds

    Love is in the air! Making a set of paper love birds can be a unique way to symbolize the loving holiday. The best part is that this Valentine’s Day project also comes with a full video tutorial to guide you as you craft.

  8. Yarn Pom Pom Love Birds

    If you would rather work with a cozier material in the colder months, you can outfit your classroom Valentine’s Day party with adorable pom pom love birds made out of yarn. Their precious faces would look perfect in any display that you are making with easy stuffed felt hearts (see #3). DIY lovebirds in a nest

  9. Glitter Love Banners

    This project is dedicated to all the glitter lovers! Making these pretty love banners are easier than they look, and the result is absolutely gorgeous. Create hanging displays, or set it up on the tray of your whiteboard. Just be sure to set down some newspaper before you start glittering! Glitter love party decor

  10. Treat Boxes and Printable Valentines

    If you are an elementary school teacher, we’re sure you are expecting that the kids will be passing papercut valentines around to one another throughout the day. If you want to get in on the Valentine’s Day fun, you can also prepare your own valentines for your students! We love cupcake treat boxes for handing goodies out to students, but any of our printable valentines are adorable options. Printable cupcake treat boxes

  11. Valentine Mailboxes

    At the end of the day, your students will end up with tons of valentines from classmates to bring home. To help keep your room tidy during your classroom Valentine’s Day party, you can craft each student his or her own valentine mailbox. That way, they can stick all their paper goods inside one easy carrying case. Plus, the mailboxes can be valentines themselves! Kids Mailboxes

  12. Tissue and Glitter Heart Art

    This project is a double threat – it’s great for Valentine’s Day decor, and it is also a fun activity that you can do in the classroom with your students! When they are finished crafting, they can give them to their parents as precious handmade valentine gifts. 

  13. Pretty Handmade Flowers

    Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to showcase some stunning handmade flowers. Whether you want to make felt flowers like felt roses and felt peonies, or paper flowers like crepe cosmos and long stemmed paper roses, it will certainly contribute to creating a beautiful and cheery Valentine’s Day celebration. 

  14. Flower Heart Wreath

    To continue with the paper flower fun, you also have the option of making a pretty heart shaped wreath adorned with blooms. We crafted ours with cosmos, but you can use this technique with any paper flower that appeals to you! 

  15. Blooming Heart Felt Plant

    If you want something seasonal and festive to keep on your desk for your Valentine’s Day decor, our favorite project for this is a blooming heart felt plant. It combines sweet heart designs with our go-to cozy crafting material for winter. Of course, there is no need to put this felt botanical away after Valentine’s Day is over either! felt valentines botanical

  16. DIY Felt Mail Box

    Give the kids a place to mail their DIY Valentine’s this year. This cute little felt mail box can be used year after year for all those special Valentine’s treats. Download the pattern and instructions here for a small fee.

17. Papercut LadyBug Valentine’s

Valentine ladybug

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