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We have had a particularly harsh winter in Portland this year and a lot of us have been struggling with dry skin in the studio. Of course this inspired us to make a brand new beauty product to cure all our dry skin woes! This rosemary lotion recipe was concocted with the intention of giving you a natural alternative to all the expensive lotions that are on the market. Plus it’s always nice that you can customize your own recipe with your favorite ingredients. 

Making your Lotion

Rosemary is a natural antibacterial, which makes it great for adding to a homemade recipe because it can extend its shelf life. It also smells great, and in researching this recipe we even found that rosemary oil can be anti-aging. The scent of cocoa butter can be a bit overpowering, so the rosemary provides a nice herbaceous balance. Find the complete recipe in the printable recipe template at the bottom of the post.

You can use any vessel you’d like to mix the lotion, but we like using a mason jar so that we can easily close it and shake. You will probably notice that the scent will be strong while you are mixing, but it will eventually lessen as the lotion sits and thickens! After you mix your rosemary lotion, use it within six months.

Lotion Labels

Because some of us at Lia Griffith HQ have a graphic design background, we always like to add a design element to our DIY beauty products. This means we have the opportunity to create lots of beautiful labels that can turn your homemade concoction into something polished, professional and gift-worthy! To go with our rosemary scented lotion, our designer Lindsay created these botanical labels with shades of minty green and teal. These labels are completely editable, and you can customize the text using the free font Tulia. After editing, we printed our labels onto full sheet label paper with our PIXMA TS8020 printer by Canon. If you would rather have the option to easily remove the label at some point, we recommend printing onto printable vinyl. TS printers have a rear tray that makes it easy to print on different types of materials like labels and printable vinyl.

Get Inspired 

If our rosemary lotion recipe inspires you to make more homemade beauty products, make sure to find our DIY lip balm, honey ginger body scrub and lavender bath salts recipes in our beauty section. Do you have a favorite homemade product that you use in your beauty routine? Let us know if the comments! We love hearing what inspires you. Head over to our membership page to start downloading, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily glimpses into the latest and greatest. See you soon! ~ Lia & Team 

Rosemary Lotion Recipe

Rosemary Lotion Recipe

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  1. 12 oz distilled (or boiled) water
  2. 1/4 tsp citric acid
  3. 2 oz jojoba oil
  4. 1 oz cocoa butter
  5. 1 oz emulsifying wax
  6. 1/4 tsp potassium sorbate
  7. Approx 10 drops vitamin E oil
  8. Approx 20 drops rosemary verbena essential oil
  1. Sanitize your equipment by boiling for 10 minutes.
  2. Boil water, then let cool to 170 degrees and mix in citric acid.
  3. Place the oils and wax into a Ball jar and melt in double boiler, or microwave in 15 intervals.
  4. Cool oils to 170°F and add to water at the same temperature.
  5. Put on lid and shake continuously for 10 minutes, until it has become thick and creamy (it will thicken more overnight).
  6. Add potassium sorbate, vitamin E oil and essential oils. Leave overnight to thicken.
  1. Use your homemade lotion within 6 months!
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