Shibori_Indigo_TieDye_Beach_ToteThe team and I have been having such a great time learning how to use the Japanese shibori dying technique. You may remember our indigo set of shibori table linens for my summer outdoor dining table where we also made a statement boho chandelier for the same table setting. We also have a set of gorgeous indigo dyed with leather detail totes ready to show you as well as a few projects I made for my kitchen and living room.

I shared my tips for shibori dye in an earlier post but I’ll relay them here as a quick reminder!! My first tip is to do it outdoors and wear old clothes. It’s a messy process so approach it as you would a painting project and protect the things you love. My second tip is to hang your pieces on a clothes line as they come out of the dye so they will have space to oxidize. My third tip is to feel free to re-dip some of your pieces to achieve a darker tone. There are currently lots of shibori and indigo dye kits you can buy in your local craft store or online – we used one from Jaquard which worked out really well. Most kits come with easy instructions to follow making this a really simple and fun craft. Try folding your fabric in unusual ways, bind it with rubber bands and twine in horizontal and vertical lines to create geometric patterns or try the old favorite – the tie-dye technique like we did here.

One of my favorite pieces that I dyed was a simple 22 x 65 inch cotton using the rubber band tie die technique. After looking at the finished fabric I decided to make a simple jumbo beach bag.  You can download my pattern as well as follow my simple step-by-step tutorial below. This bag is lightweight, over-sized and perfect for all your beach towels, magazines and sun hat!

Share your indigo dye projects with us by tagging #liagriffith on Instagram and Twitter or posting on our Facebook page. We love to see your creations. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Beach_Tote_Shibori_TieDye_Indigo_DIY Beach_Tote_Shibori_TieDye_DIYShibori_TieDye_Beach_ToteIndigoToteBagTutorial