DIY Zipper BagsSmall DIY Zipper BagsHappy Friday everyone! I am going to finish my June 2013 posts with this fun and simple zipper bag. I have been seeing these all over the web on other DIY sites, but they were all hand sewing them. Lovely if you don’t have a machine, but I don’t have the time or patience to hand sew something when it is easier to pull out my machine. I know there are a lot of you out there with sewing machines so I am going to share my machine stitched version of these little bags. I am totally in love with the fabric I used for the farmer’s market bag that I posted on Monday. Happy to have some leftover scrap pieces, I knew they would be perfect for a few small zipper bags to use with the large tote or to organize my things when I travel. After trimming the pieces for my bag I took a quick trip to the fabric store to match zippers and thread. These bags are so simple, I think I will make a dozen more and use them for gifts. Have a great weekend! ~ Lia

Sewn Zipper Bag Small Zipper Bag Tutorial