Shredded Paper Nests


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above. Shred paper bag in a paper shredder, or cut small strips by hand.
  2. Line a bowl with plastic wrap.
  3. Use your seccond bowl to mix about 2 cups of wheat paste, according to the package instructions. Submerge your paper strips into the paste.
  4. Squeeze the paste from the paper strips and press into the bowl lined with plastic wrap. Use about 3 layers of overlapping paper strips, well saturated in paste.

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Because you are using a bowl as your mold for making your DIY paper nests, you can use this technique to make nests in any size. It’s a perfect way to use up those brown grocery bags that you (probably) have lying around, and you can also throw in any scrap paper you have for more color variation. We decided to use Whole Foods paper bags because they have have green text/graphics that look great when they’re shredded. If you don’t have any wheat paste, another option is to use diluted Mod Podge. Either should work well!

DIY Paper NestPaper Bird's Nest

What Next?

Once you are finished making your paper nests, you can decorate them with some plastic eggs or paper feathers. Or head over to our needle felting projects to craft an adorable little bird to place in the nest, like our felted European robin. Browse through all of our Easter projects for more holiday inspiration, and be sure to watch our segment on The Today Show on April 11, where I’ll be talking about how to set your brunch table for Easter! Pop over to our membership page to start crafting with us, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as we share glimpses of our newest projects every day. Cheers! ~ Lia & Team