DIY WashclothsOur first crocheting project on the site was our DIY dishcloths, and now we are following up with our DIY washcloths! Again, this is a great introductory crocheting project for anyone interested in learning the technique. While the dishcloths were double crocheted, these washcloths are single crocheted. This is totally based on preference, but I find the single crochet to be smoother and tighter than double crochet, which is why I chose it for a washcloth rather than a dishcloth. Follow our short instructional videos to make a set of DIY washcloths!

All crocheting projects begin with a chain stitch and end with weaving in the ends. Below you will find videos for both of these stitches, plus videos on single crochet and changing colors as you crochet. Download the PDF pattern and instructions for these washcloths. I used the same color scheme as the DIY dishcloths, but you could easily make these washcloths monochromatic if you are a beginner crocheter. After finishing the DIY washcloths, you can also apply a bias tape to give them a cute, patterned frame. Follow our tutorial here for making and applying your own bias tape! If you are applying a bias tape, it is VERY important that you run your washcloths through the washing machine before adding the bias tape. The yarn will shrink slightly after being washed, so you want the washcloth to be pre-shrunk before adding the frame.

Feel free to reference these videos for any other crocheting project you may be doing! If you want to see your other project possibilities with yarn, check out all of our yarn projects. We love hearing your suggestions, so send them in via email or in the comments! I also can’t resist seeing your project photos, so share them on Instagram with #DIYDreamingWithLia. See you soon! ~ Lia

Chain Stitch:

Single Crochet:

Changing Colors:

Weaving in Ends:

DIY WashclothsDIY WashclothsDIY WashclothsDIY Washcloths