I am tapping back into my childhood here when I tell you that paper makes the best creative entertainment and craft material. I would spend hours and days with my paper creations! A great place to start forming 3D crafts from flat paper is by learning to make tissue pom-poms. Tissue paper is often colorful and easy to find. Plus it is light, which makes it so easy to work with.

tissue pom-poms

You are the pom!

In this video, I am showing you two different ways to make some pretty tissue pom-poms. Once you learn the simple steps, there are so many different craft projects you can make. And it might inspire you to save and recycle tissue paper from gift-wrapping throughout the year!

Here is a list of fun projects you can make with your tissue pom-poms:

If you enjoy crafting with tissue paper, you can find more project ideas in this round-up.