If you saw our monthly calendar last week, you know that August will be a month full of fun tropical crafts! And we’re kicking off our tropical theme early today with some new gift wrap ideas. Our tropical wrapping paper and gift tags feature a combination of pretty pastel pinks and greens along with navy and gold. Choose from four gift wrap designs below and gift tags that say “cheers,” “enjoy,” “happy birthday to you,” and “for you.”

Along with our tropical wrapping paper and gift tags, we have included an SVG file for some papercut tropical leaves. If you are cutting by hand, you can also find these patterns in the PDF template with the gift tags.

Keep Palm & Wrap On

For our tropical wrapping paper, we have one print with just palm leaves and another print with a mix of both palm leaves and monstera leaves. The other two gift wrap options are a bit simpler in their design—one has pink and white stripes and the other has a navy background with minty green dashes. Download the designs you like below and use them for birthday presents or “just because” gifts!

Once you have wrapped your gifts with your tropical wrapping paper, you can add the tropical tags you like best. You will also see options for layering your gift tags—just like we did with our spring herb gift tags. For inspiration, take a look at our photos to see how we decorated our presents with the gift tags and our papercut tropical leaves.

If you’re using this tropical wrapping paper for a birthday gift, you may want a tropical birthday card to go along with it! Also, if you need tropical-inspired gift ideas, it might be fun to gift our tropical wreath kit (especially if they like to craft). Or you can craft them something tropical that they would enjoy, like these tropical leaf earrings or a tropical leaf travel pouch.

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  1. Print gift wrap on 11″x17″ tabloid text weight paper. If you don’t have a printer that accepts tabloid paper, send the PDF to your local copy shop for help!
  2. Print gift tags on 8.5″x11″ cardstock paper; trim to size.
  3. Cut tropical leaves using a cutting machine or scissors.
  4. Punch 1/8″ holes at the top or side of the gift tag. Tuck a papercut tropical leaf on your package for an extra special touch!

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