sea_party_invitation_0003There are so many wonderful themes for children’s birthday parties. In the past we have planned safari themed parties, woodland themed parties, and cowboy themed parties for children’s birthday celebrations. This summer we wanted to take advantage of the warm weather and create an under the sea party wonderland! The first step in planning a party is sending out the invitations. Below you will find the printable invitations to plan your under the sea party this year.

We have three different options for our under the sea invitations. The first has a blue color scheme with an octopus illustration, the second has a violet purple color scheme with a jellyfish illustration, and the third has a navy color scheme with a whale illustration. Download the PDF and choose your invitations. To personalize these invitations, begin by downloading and installing the free fonts Kitten Swash Monoline and Osgood Sans. All the invitations are completely editable except for the AHOY! header. Once you choose your invitations, use the Kitten script font to edit the name and age of the birthday boy or girl. Next, fill in all the personal details for your specific event with Osgood Sans. After you finish editing your under the sea party invitations, print them onto 8.5 x 11 white card stock and trim to size. 

When trimmed, these invitations are A7 size. Head to your local stationery store to pick up some matching envelopes to mail them out! Below you will also find four options of envelopes liners to complement the party invites. The design of these envelope liners is simple and fun and comes in 4 different colors. Choose between a navy blue, teal blue, violet, or watermelon pink. Print these onto regular printer paper and glue them to the inside of your envelopes before sending them out. And there you have it! Planning your under the sea party has officially begun!

Stay tuned for our under the sea party favors, and check out our under the sea photo props and backdrop for the perfect party decor. Take a look at our felt starfish and felt octopus for more decor inspiration, and then head to our membership page to start downloading. And always feel free to email us with project ideas! Cheers ~ Lia