A Mari-golden Opportunity

The marigold is known for its strong fragrance, which is believed to ward off negativity and evil spirits. Their vibrant colors also represent the sun’s energy, signifying warmth, passion, and creativity! We think these crepe paper marigolds are perfect as stand-alone flowers. Place a few stems in a tall vase for a bold yet simple decorative accent. 

For this project, we’re using a technique that’s new to us. To make coloring and adding details super quick and easy, we’re leaving the petals stuck to the cutting mat. If that sounds intimidating, please don’t worry. We’ll be there to walk you through it in our live video tutorial. 

We’d love to see your finished crepe paper marigolds, so don’t forget to share them with us! Use the hashtag #MadeWithLia when posting on Instagram or upload your pictures to our crafters’ community. 

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