When you search for topiary décor online, most of the options that come up are for boxwood. While I have crafted a few boxwood topiaries that I love, every now and then I like to think outside the box and do something a little different. You may remember my paper ivy topiary, for example, or my hydrangea topiary. Both were so fun to make and a great way to flex my creative muscle! So for today’s DIY project, I’m going to switch it up from boxwood and show you how to make this paper rosemary topiary.

Stop and Smell the Rosemary

Rosemary bushes are pretty abundant throughout Portland. And while rosemary has such a lovely fragrance, I tend to only use the real thing for recipes—like my rosemary zucchini bread. When it comes to crafting potted plants, I prefer to use paper because I can shape it the way I want it to look and I can try out different colors and techniques. Plus it can last forever this way!

To create this paper rosemary topiary, I used a text weight paper in olive. You can use this same color for yours or play around with different greens. Once you have all your tools and materials ready to go, watch my video tutorial below.

In the video, you’ll see how I curl the paper pieces, glue them onto floral wire, and how I secure the sprigs together with floral tape. You’ll also see how I pot my paper rosemary and shape it into a topiary. Have questions about this project? Just comment below.

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Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the rosemary pattern at the end of this post. Cut your pattern according to the templates notes and watch my video tutorial to learn how to assemble the pieces.


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paper rosemary topiary in front of window next to mini grey vase, black and beige thread, scissors, and book
paper rosemary topiary next to small grey vase, thread, and book
paper rosemary topiary on table with fireplace in background
paper rosemary topiary in front of window next to small grey vase, scissors, black thread, and beige thread

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