Lemon_Rosemary_Zucchini_Bread_RecipeAt the beginning of this year I turned my attention to my outdoor space and spent a bit of time injecting some love into a space that sometimes gets ignored! I set up a little corner of my yard as a fruit and veggie garden and have enjoyed watching it thrive over the summer months. This week I got to harvest a few yummy looking zucchini and so began thinking about ways to use them beyond searing them on the grill. Zucchini bread is classically a sweet bread but I wanted to include a savory twist. The rosemary I grow at home is definitely one of the stars in my herb garden, growing at a rate that even the biggest rosemary fan would struggle to keep up with! It was therefore the perfect herb to pair with my zucchini in this gluten free bread recipe. Adding half a tablespoon of lemon zest lifts the flavor and compliments the zucchini and rosemary perfectly.

My lemon rosemary zucchini bread is great served warm with butter or cream cheese and is the perfect way to get a little extra vegetable into you and your family’s diet. Make up a batch and freeze a loaf or two – it’s the perfect way to use up the zucchini if you have a large harvest or any looking a little worse for wear at the bottom of your refrigerator! If you would like more gluten-free recipe ideas take a look at my potato and green bean salad, my cauliflower pizza crust, or my yummy gluten free vegetable pasea salad. Enjoy! ~ LiaZucchini_Bread_Ingredients Rosemary_Lemon_Zucchini_Bread_Gluten_Free Sliced_Lemon_Rosemary_Zucchini_Bread Lemon_Rosemary_Zucchini_Bread Rosemary_Lemon_Zucchini_Bread Lemon_Rosemary_Zucchini_Cake Rosemary_Lemon_Zucchini_Bread_Recipe