This Halloween, we are breaking out our favorite shrink film to craft some amazing accessories! Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared tutorials for our shrink film moth earrings, our spider web necklace, and our spider web earrings. I had such a great time making these projects! So I thought it would be fun to create a video tutorial that shows you how to make all of our shrink film Halloween jewelry.

I also created a video for those of you who are using a Cricut Maker to cut your shrink film. So if you want some tips on cutting shrink film with your Maker, be sure to watch part 1 in addition to part 2! If you’re already a pro, or you’re cutting by hand, you can skip that video and just watch part 2 on how to assemble our shrink film Halloween jewelry.

Don’t Shrink Back from Making Your Own Jewelry!

If you’ve been wanting to make your own jewelry, now’s the time to get started! As a member of our crafting community, you can just download our design. Then cut it out using shrink film, bake it in an oven (or a toaster oven), and assemble it with our tutorial. Easy peasy!

In part 1 below, I show you to cut shrink film using a Cricut Maker. You’ll find out which shrink film color doesn’t work well on a  cutting machine and what it is good for — along with a bunch of other useful tips for cutting shrink film with your Maker. I also share which crafting tool to use for punching out all the details. And finally, you’ll get tips on baking our shrink film designs and which craft tools to use after your shrink film is done baking.

In part 2, you will learn how to make all of the shrink film Halloween jewelry pictured here. This includes our spectacular moth earrings, our spider web necklace, our spider web earrings, and our Mr. Bones earrings.

Enjoy!  ~ Lia and team

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