Today we are kicking off our full line-up of winter holiday projects with these fun winter paper lanterns. Our Halloween lanterns were such hit that we knew we would be sharing a winter version with you as well. 

Each side of the lantern features a slightly different woodland scene and tiny circles scattered around, making it look a bit like snow is falling. Due to the intricate details of this design, we recommend using a cutting machine. But you can always use a detail knife to cut by hand. 

winter paper lanterns

Warm Up With Winter Paper Lanterns

I love how these pretty winter paper lanterns look on my mantel. If you want to create a warm, cozy vibe, you can light your lanterns with flameless tea light candles in the early evening. Adding frosted vellum paper to the inside of your lanterns will also let the light through.

When winter is over and you’re ready to put them away for the season, you can flatten your lanterns and store them safely in a flat envelope with a card back. This way, you can use your winter paper lanterns for many years to come!

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How to Make Winter Paper Lanterns

  1. Gather your tools and materials. Then download the pattern below.
  2. Cut your lanterns, then score and fold the sides to form the lantern shape.
  3. Secure together with glue dots, double sided tape or hot glue.
  4. Add a loop of ribbon to the top as you glue the four points together for a gorgeous finished look.

paper lanterns for winter decor paper lanterns for winterpaper woodland lanterns

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