Have you seen our new craft room yet? Ever since we did a live tour on Instagram, we’ve received a bunch of questions about it. Some of you want to know where we got our craft room furniture and storage from. Others want to know what we changed. And some of you just want more pictures! We love that you’re so inspired by our new craft room, especially since that’s the exact feeling we set out to create. Read on to find out where everything is from—and see our craft room before and after pictures. 

Then & Now

Since our craft table is where we work, we wanted it to be the focal point of the room. Putting our craft table in the center of the room also makes it easier for multiple makers to work together. Right above our table is where we hung our DIY pegboard, which is really more like a piece of art. Plus, it keeps all of our Fiskars tools handy. Finally, we had to put our quote up on the wall near our workspace, and of course hang our wood bead backdrop in the window.

We created our craft table using sturdy sideboards and wood countertops from IKEA. All the drawer units near the table are also from IKEA. As you can see from the pictures, we created a matching side table as well. We love using the sideboards for our craft table because they create a nice height, which makes it easy to sit or stand while we work. And since our drafting chairs from Schoolhouse are adjustable, we also have the option of fine-tuning their height to our personal preference. 

Next, we put a power strip in between the countertops. This makes it easy to connect our craft tools and keep them close to our working space. If you look closely in the picture above (or scroll down to the fifth picture), you can see our paper roller underneath the desk. We installed this horizontal paper cutter from Uline under our table so it would be easily accessible but out of our way. When we’re ready to work on something new, we just roll the paper over our table and cut it off when we’re done. This protects our table and keeps it clean.

Our storage options help too! All of our bins and baskets are from Storables. And, of course, we created storage labels for all of them. We also used Stamp-n-Storage to get organized and keep our new craft room clear of clutter. Plus, they make all of our paper, vinyl, and other materials look so beautiful! This is where we got all of our paper holders and our custom-made vinyl roll storage cabinet. If you want to see how having the right craft room storage can make a huge difference, make sure to check out all of our before and after photos below! 

Before and after photo of shelving unit and craft table in new craft roomBefore and after photo of organized paper holders in new craft room Before and after photo of new craft table, side table, and organizational units for craft paper and other materials Before and after photo of side table and storage options for paper, vinyl, punches, and other craft materialsDIY pegboard with craft tools from Lia Griffith and Fiskars Designer making paper wreath at new craft table next to DIY pegboard with Fiskars craft toolsShelving unit for craft materials Craft tools and DIY wreath on new craft table Front door of craft room with wood tiles that spell paper arts Storage options for ribbon Labeled baskets for craft room Craft room shelving unit with organized craft materials DIY paper wreath near windows