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My Home Tour: Office & Studio (part 1)

Lia Griffiths Office Desk The most used rooms in my house are the office and studio. I will be showing the actual studio in the next post, but since the two rooms are joined I will call it a part 1 and 2. Truthfully, this may be the nicest office I have ever worked in and primarily because I have two walls of North and East facing windows. I look out onto hydrangea bushes and flowering trees that host humming birds, huge bumble bees, butterflies and of course the squirrels. What a happy space to work in. Here is a collection of photos and I will give you all the details at the end. I do wish it were this tidy all of the time.

Lia Griffith Printers Clipboards Lia Griffith Office Details Lia Griffith Teal Office Lia Griffith Office Paper Details Lia Griffith Office View Lia Griffith Office Lia Griffith Office Color WALL PAINT: The first thing I did before I moved in was paint both rooms a clean white. I wanted to bounce all the light from the windows and make the space bright. DESK TOPS: These are hallow core doors from Home Depot. TRESSLE DESK LEGS: Ikea. DESK LAMP: West Elm. OFFICE CHAIR: The Container Store. STRIPED  PILLOW: This is a DIY from this post. PRINTER STAND: Ikea. RUG: This is the Ikea rug that I painted in this video tutorial. I am still loving it and it looks great. CLIP BOARDS: These are common brown clipboards that I covered with label prints from my summer gift wrap. FEATHER WREATH: A project from this post. FRAMED QUOTES: Printable from this post and this post. LIA LETTERS: Paper Source kraft letters that I added washi tape to. PEACOCK LADY ART & BUTTERFLIES: That is my daughter’s drawing. Love it! The butterflies were for a brunch post I created a few years ago (on another blog). OWL MUG: My all time favorite mugs (I have 4) from West Elm. Let me know if there is a detail I can add. Hope you enjoyed getting a peek at where I am sitting when I blog. Next week we will look at the studio room where I create most of the DIY posts. Cheers! ~ Lia

  1. I love pretty much everything about your office! Who couldn’t get inspired in there? And those windows!! It must make you feel as though you’re writing outside. Heavenly!

  2. Lia, I’m loving your home tour and your office space is inspiring and so beautifully organised. I’m trying to work out what your printers are. I see Canon and Epson and I wonder why you have both? Not that I’m a printer-holic, just that mine needs replacing!!

    • Thanks Linda! I did have both a Canon and Epson. The Canon is large format for photos that I want to frame. I no longer have the Epson since I replaced it with a huge laser for my business. For a desktop printer I will say that the HP makes my all time favorite. They do well with accurate color.

  3. Did you finish the table/hollow core door with anything before you used as a desk surface? It looks great!

  4. I’ve been looking around your blog and just love it – lots of creativity and inspiration. I was wondering if you’ve posted Part II of this room; I can’t seem to find it.

  5. I really love your office space Ms. Lia! It’s so beautiful and open. One of my biggest questions I wanted to ask was how did you go about choosing how you wanted your office space to look like and function? I’m kind of in the beginning stages of putting my studio/office space together and I would love to get your advice & experiences with putting a home office altogether.

    • Having a creative office space to so many years now, I know the elements that I like to have, like an L shaped desk that is as large as possible giving me table top space and places to store thing at arms reach. The rest of the challenge is working in the space I have and finding solutions for furniture within my budget. As you can see I used a lot of Ikea, but not just the office furniture. The final component is adding in all the things I love, like a white lamp, the pictures on the wall and my clipboard wall. Here is a fun way to start. . . do a Pinterest board for home offices and just search and pin all the things that grab your eye, even if it is just the pencil cup on the desk. Then step back and look at your collection. You will see a trend and know exactly how you want it to look. Your challenge then it to find the pieces and work out the functionality that you need. And most of all. . . Have fun!

  6. Was it very expensive to build the desk? And do you happen to have instructions on how to? I love this and was looking for an idea for my office! Would love any info you have!! :)

    • Very inexpensive. The tressels are only $10 each at Ikea and the hollow core doors are $30 each. You can even get them in white or paint them.

  7. Hi Lia! I love your office:-) Can you post what your monitor stand is? I have been looking for something that specific height so I can tuck my laptop under the monitor and free up some desk space!

    • Thanks Carly! The monitor stand was a flea market find. I looked for more for my former office mates too. Someone needs to make them, seriously. They are pretty simple and could be painted wood.

      • Thanks for the info, Lia! I have been searching for a good monitor stand for AGES that allows enough air to circulate around my laptop + leaves space for my keyboard. It’s like they don’t exist!! Grrrr. I shall have to start scouring flea markets:-)

  8. Your office looks so elegant!

  9. Maco,maco,maco meravellós espai el teu estudi, m’encanta tota la teva casa ,
    Woderful wonderful i love all your house,

    Una abraçada and congratulations !!

  10. Ditto on the would you like a roommate?!!
    The light in the whole house is amazing. I am thinking of making some big holes in some of my walls to have more windows. Your space is delightful and energetic and beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us and lighting up our days.
    PS the washi tape storage is a great idea. I will get mine out of the drawers.

  11. Very peacefully space, love it!!! I will take some of yours advices, I am trying to do some work with mine… I love paper as my hobby work business…
    take care

  12. I forgot to ask you about that Paper magazine I saw in your tray. What is the actual name of it. Looks quite interesting, would love to find it if I could. I used to buy more zine but they all seem to be about making cards, cards and cards.
    I used to buy several published in the UK but they got way too pricey for me. Can’t get all of them as I used to at Barnes and Noble, they’ve cut back to just one now, same for Jo-Ann’s who at least give 10% off. For a $13.00 zine phewy that helps.They UK zines usually have some kind of gift with them. I’d sure appreciate it if you could let me know about the Paper zine. Thanks and happy days

    • Oh yes. . . that is the first issue of Made in Paper. Gorgeous magazine! It is printed in the UK but I am pretty sure you can find it in the US too. Since I had 4 paper projects in this issue, I got a complimentary copy. I also have the Made in Felt issue in the same stack and just sent off my Christmas project photos for the next issue of Made in Paper. The price on it is 8 euro, but it is more like a book with very few ads. You can also get it digitally on your iPad. It is by Future Publishing the same publisher as Mollie Makes.

  13. What kind of dog do you have? Happy to hear you like having him with you in your creating space. Ours comes in for awhile, roots under my feet for crumbs and tries to find a place to lie down. He’s not a little guy so needs more room. My studio is quite small and very full of way too much stuff besides my pc desk, etc. I clean it up, get busy with projects, before I know it, what a mess.
    Yours looks so darned tidy and so beautiful. I noticed your gorgeous feather wreaths right away. They look incredible on your nice clean wall. Got the templates cut out but have been working on some signs so not letting myself be diverted yet.
    Loved how great your clip boards looked on wall, so neat and so pretty.
    I sure look forward to your posts, can hardly wait to see what you do. You are so generous to share your exceptional talents with all of us with your printables. Thanks so much for all of them. Wish I had more ink so I could print out more projects.
    Happy days

    • Awww. Thank! What a sweet note. One way to do printable at less cost is to take them to the FedEx office and use their self serve printer. Right now in my shop they are only 59 cents a sheet and the quality is so good with the laser printer. I MISS having my own laser printer like I did when I worked at my previous office. I know how the mess can build when working creative. My office does not look like this more than once a week. :-) My dog. . . he is a little Italian Doxi so he will often sit in my lap when I am at the computer. I have a bed for him in the studio too and me is pretty clingy so hangs out with me for most of the day. The clipboard idea I just finished last night for this shoot. My idea is to keep a board for each project I am working on to avoid the pile that I create. And it looks great too.

  14. Can I just come move in with you?
    Seriously, every room is better than the last.

  15. It’s beautiful Lia! I love how light and bright it is. And, of course I love those paper feather wreaths. I’ve used your feather templates on cards, but still want to try my hand at a wreath. I get so much inspiration from your blog.
    Thank you for sharing!

  16. Love it! I am interested in what kind of printers you have there! lol :)

    • I will say that I am usually one to use HP for my inkjet printer, but this Epson WorkForce 40 works pretty well too. The large format printer is a Canon Pro9000.

  17. love love your space

  18. WOW! I wished my office looked like this lol So bright and beautiful! .Awesome job Lia!

  19. I love how it is so light and bright. Great space in which to get the creative juices flowing.

  20. Such a gorgeous space!!!

  21. I love your office! It looks so bright and peaceful. I also used to work at home, and I have to say it is wonderful to be surrounded by your most beloved things. I am looking forward to see your studio!

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