crepe paper burgundy lily

All I lily want to do is craft

We loved the burgundy calla lilies we made a while back, so we thought this color would be really gorgeous for our crepe paper lily as well. It’s such a great color for fall and winter, but of course you can always enjoy them in your home year-round. Or you can also make these flowers in a different color of crepe paper if you’d like.

Along with showing you a new way to make the stamen for this crepe paper lily, we will show you how to add more detail to your flowers using a variety of coloring tools. Once you’re done crafting your version, make sure to share it with us on our crafters community page! Or you can post photos on Instagram with the hashtags #MadeWithLia and #MemberMake.

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Gather the supplies you need, then download our flower template. You can craft along with us during our live workshop on September 23rd at 11:00am PT, or just watch, ask questions, and chat with other members.

crepe paper lilies
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