This DIY project is a great example of how you can take something you’ve made before and use it in a new way. A couple of years ago I shared a gardenia flower I made using my double-sided crepe paper. While these flowers are beautiful on their own, a couple simple additions can make such a difference! By adding leaves, flower buds, and a pot, you can transform a few crepe paper gardenia flowers into a crepe paper gardenia plant.

A Delicate DIY

Though you can make this flower out of frosted paper (check out my frosted gardenia bouquet and my gift toppers), using crepe paper allows you to achieve this really soft and delicate ruffled look. However, I will say that this crepe paper gardenia plant is a slightly more advanced project. So if you’re new to making paper flowers, you might want to start with this gardenia flower first.

When you’re ready to make this crepe paper gardenia plant, gather the tools and materials below. We recommend using a cutting machine, but we’ve included a PDF for those cutting by hand. Then follow the instructions below.

If you have any questions, just ask! I would love to see how your crepe paper gardenia plant turns out, too. So don’t forget to share it on our Facebook Member Make page or on your Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia. Happy crafting! ~ Lia and team

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Download the template at the end of this post, which includes the pattern for the flower and the leaves.

To make the flower: Head to this post for the crepe paper gardenia tutorial.

To make the leaves: Download the tutorial at the end of this post.

Photo tutorial for crepe paper gardenia plant by Lia Griffith

white crepe paper gardenia plant on white chair next to scissors and spools of thread
white crepe paper gardenia plant with grey background
white crepe paper gardenia plant
white crepe paper gardenia plant on white chair
white crepe paper gardenia plant in grey pot next to spools of thread
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