Spring Wreath

To make your own spring wreath, start with your base. When you are designing your own wreath, it is best to choose a simple foundation so that you can build upon it with your own accents. I picked up this basic decorative pussy willow branch wreath from my local florist. I love this wreath base because it comes in an ordinary, neutral color, but the branches flow outward in a really pretty way to add some interest. You should be able to find a basic twig or pussy willow wreath like this at your local florist or craft store, or online. Once you have your wreath, you can choose the paper blooms that you would like to use. Make your paper flowers, and attach them to your wreath using your trusty low temperature hot glue gun! 

I would recommend to take a more minimalist approach when making your spring wreath. Placing only a few blooms of each spring flower will enhance the elegant look of your spring wreath. The key for this project is being able to create a piece of art that will appreciate the blooming season without being too overwhelming for your home decor. Because I used bright spring colors for my wreath, I decided to limit the amount of paper flowers that I showcased. 

I first used the blooms and leaves from my crepe paper daffodils. Find the template in that post, and choose varying shades of green crepe to celebrate all the greenery of spring. I covered the inner circle of the wreath with the green leaves, and then scattered them outward to complement the way that the pussy willow branches flowed. I then added small roses in a bright poppy orange color of crepe paper. To make these flowers, I used my rose template from this head wreath. For the smaller flowers, I used blooms from my apple blossom branch and cherry blossom branch. To round out my foliage, I added one more green element with the metallic paper leaves from my apple blossom branches. I love the look of mixing crepe paper with metallic paper! Scatter your blooms in any way that you would like. I only used five blooms of each orange flower so that they wouldn’t distract from the more delicate blush pink blooms. Secure them all with hot glue and you are ready to hang your spring wreath!

Too add a little element of Easter, I also popped our needle felted bunny into the wreath. Doing a project like this is a great way to reuse any paper flowers that you may have made for a previous event or decor project. Simply hang this on your front door or above your fireplace for a beautiful statement DIY art piece. I would love to see the spring wreath projects that you all come up with! Share your photos with me by sending them in to hello@liagriffith.com or tagging me in your Instagram photos with the hashtag #MadeWithLia. I love sharing my favorites on Facebook! Happy Spring to all 🙂 ~ Lia

Spring Wreath Spring Wreath Spring Wreath Spring Wreath