Star Party DecorationsShoot for the Stars

Sometimes people feel discouraged to plan a gathering because they are overwhelmed thinking about the process of setting up the event. We totally understand that feeling, which is why we always try to make a nice selection of quick and easy projects that you can use for your party decor! We designed these foam star party decorations specifically as DIY Fourth of July decor, but you can easily use our instructions to create stars to fit any theme!


  • Scissors
  • Foam Carving Tools
  • Paintbrush


  • Americana Tissue Paper Pack (find link in Shop this Project)
  • 2 Sheets of Cardstock
  • 12 x 12 x 2 Sheet of Foam
  • Mod Podge Glue
  • Tape


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above. 
  2. Print the star templates onto cardstock and trim using scissors.
  3. Tape the templates together.
  4. Place the large star template on top of the foam, follow the template and cut the foam to shape using the foam carving tools.
  5. Using the large star template, cut two stars from the star printed tissue paper.
  6. Paint Mod Podge onto the foam star and glue the tissue paper star to the foam. Glue any excess paper over the edge and repeat on the other side of the foam. 
  7. Following the template, cut out two smaller stars in the blue tissue paper using scissors.
  8. Glue the blue star onto the center of both sides of the foam star.
  9. Cut out five red rectangles according to the template notes.
  10. Glue the red rectangles onto the edges of the foam star to cover the remaining foam. 

Follow the photo tutorial below for a visual guide to making these easy foam star party decorations!

Styling Ideas

If you want to give your DIY stars a glossy look to them, you can paint an extra layer of Mod Podge over the tissue paper after it dries onto the foam. Once you finish your stars, you can simply style them on your food table at your outdoor barbecue. Stick some in your window sill for your neighbors to see as they pass your house, or hang them around your front porch. One clever idea is to use the foam stars as stands for fruit skewers, cake pops or even some American flags

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