Firecracker Treat BoxesMy favorite part of Fourth of July celebrations are the fireworks. They are just so pretty! Naturally, lots of Fourth of July decorations have a common theme that incorporates firework or sparkler designs. Here is a fabulous DIY project to get you in the mood for Independence Day! If you are hosting a Fourth of July party, these firecracker treat boxes are the perfect party favor for kids and adults. And all you need to make them is tissue paper, a toilet paper roll, and some candy. 

We used our own Lia Griffith brand tissue paper, which is officially available on Amazon now! Our Americana tissue paper pack includes frosted red, white and blue colors, plus a gold star patterned paper and gold striped paper. But of course you can use any colors of tissue paper that you would like for your firecracker treat boxes. Begin by gathering your materials. You can either use a toilet paper roll, or you can cut a paper towel roll so that it is 3-5 inches long. It all depends on how big you want your firecracker treat boxes to be. Once you have your rolls ready, you can then cover them with tissue paper. Follow the easy step-by-step photo tutorial below for assembling your treat boxes!

The best part of the firecracker treat boxes is that you can decorate them in any way that you would like. Maybe you want you want to add tissue paper stars around your rolls? Simply cut stars out in any size and attach them to your treat boxes with glue. Or you can easily decorate them with patriotic stickers like the ones from our DIY snack bags! Browse our entire Fourth of July section for last-minute party ideas. Pair these treat box party favors with our sparkler favors for the ultimate celebration! Have a very happy Fourth of July, US friends 🙂 ~ Lia 

Firecracker Treat BoxesFirecracker Treat Box Tutorial